Welcome to Trophy Zone Outfitting

Welcome to Trophy Zone Outfitting

Welcome to Trophy Zone OutfittingWelcome to Trophy Zone OutfittingWelcome to Trophy Zone Outfitting

Hunt Alberta and British Columbia Rocky Mountains

Trophy Zone Outfitting offers great mountain hunts in southern Alberta and southern British Columbia.   We also offer a few hunts in northern British Columbia. We have a very wide variety of different species to hunt including Mule Deer, Whitetail, Moose, Elk, Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep, Blackbear, Wolf, and Lynx.

We are a fair Chase Hunting Business


Our Locations


Our Locations

We hunt the east face of the Alberta Rockies. We hunt just north of Waterton Lakes National Park. Our area is roughly 600 sq miles of pristine beauty. Our second area is located  in Invermere  BC the western slopes of the BC Rockies. This area is also the very mountainous and close to the same 600sq miles of gorgeous views and lots of wildlife. 


Our Species


Our Locations

We are a unique company as we have many species to choose from. Our species include the following:

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Rocky Mountain Goats

Shiras and Canadian Moose

Trophy Mule Deer

Trophy Elk

Whitetail Deer

Black Bear









We offer several different loding from BnB to wall tents and cabins. All of our equipment and facilities are comfortable and clean. We want to make sure your stay is enjoyable and that you have a great experience.

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